for all.

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Leveraging emerging technology to address economic instability.

Attorneys and legal services often represent the last chance to help someone before even far more expensive institutions become involved - courts, prisons, hospitals, and morgues. The civil legal market is currently structured so that only a small minority of Americans are served; the overwhelming majority of Americans don't receive crucial needed legal advice and counsel, and this results in great insecurity in our communities.

The Omnes Token and Ecosystem use innovative and emerging technology to bridge the gap – bringing attorneys and the underserved together. Enabling the client to provide value to a skilled attorney in exchange for their services. The Omnes Ecosystem brings value to the underserved. To small firms and solos. To congested civil dockets. To our communities. Increasing access. Ensuring justice. For all.

86% of Americans do not have access to the civil legal services they need.

This Access Gap can be solved by using modern technological and adaptive solutions. Legal aid groups are underfunded and understaffed. All too often people are turned away for not being poor enough, their legal needs are not covered by legal aid, or there simply isn’t capacity to serve them.

In addition to the majority of Americans being unable to access adequate civil legal services, lawyers – particularly solo and small firms – are struggling to fund the operational and technology services necessary to provide the best services possible to their clients.

The civil
legal system
isn’t working.

The Omnes

A Day One solution with a win-win ecosystem for all.

By leveraging emerging technology and concepts to change the way legal services are delivered, Omnes.Legal will provide a Day One solution to clients and lawyers alike. We are creating a new legal industry private blockchain based digital asset.

It is estimated that the latent market for civil legal services for consumers and small businesses is $150 billion in the United States. Even by conservative measures, say $50 billion. We have designed an entire ecosystem to address the Access Gap while also supporting the legal community in addressing their needs.